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We specialize in Personal Injury Claims & all Property Related Matters.

Personal Injury Claims

We primarily specialise in claims against the Road Accident Fund, on behalf of road accident victims.

Our personal injury department further specialises in medical malpractice/negligence claims. We also assist in other personal injury claims, including unlawful arrests, police brutality, slip and falls and wild fires.

Property Related Matters

Our conveyancing department provides efficient and personal service to our clients in respect of registration of transfers of properties across South Africa.



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• Specialist Road Accident Fund Attorneys
• Free claim assessment
• No Win, No Fee Agreement
• As your attorney - we make sure your rights and interests are fully protected
• A team of legal and medical experts are appointed on your case
• We have vast experience in Road Accident Fund claims
• We offer superior and unique legal solutions
• Country wide assistance
• Bridging the gap - to ensure you recover your full damages
• Helping you secure your future
• We take pride in assisting our clients with their future
• Finalise your RAF claim as soon as possible


by your side

We understand that legal fees and costs may be exorbitant, especially when a matter must be argued in Court. We therefore accept all personal injury claims on a no-win-no-fee basis, and carry all costs and disbursements in respect of the claim until finalisation thereof. We pride ourselves in removing financial barriers for legal assistance, and in the process making legal recourse more accessible to everyone.

Bearing in mind that the Courts strictly adhere to the longstanding “once and for all rule”, which determines that a claimant only has one opportunity to claim for all his/her damages, it is imperative to ensure you receive proper compensation. Our firm, together with a team of experts, will provide you with professional advice to determine the monetary remuneration you are entitled to claim from the Road Accident Fund.

Depending on the nature of your injuries, we appoint a team of professionals and specialist doctors in the greater Kimberley and Bloemfontein area to furnish us with expert opinions. Should accommodation and transport be required we will make the necessary arrangements on your behalf, and carry the costs.

We investigate the merits and quantum of each claim extensively, to ensure the case is ready to proceed to trial, and that you receive the compensation you deserve. And yes, you are entitled to fair and reasonable compensation!

In respect of all cases that occurred in the Northern Cape Province, summons will be issued out of the Northern Cape High Court, situated in Kimberley. We can assist in any claim regardless of where the accident occurred within the borders of South Africa.

We appoint an experienced personal injury specialist Advocate on your behalf to argue and present your case before a Judge (again to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to).

Should you have already commenced the claim process with the Road Accident Fund directly, and may feel disillusioned, it is not too late to appoint our firm. We are further able to advise you in respect of any possible under settlement of a claim by the RAF. Regardless of whether the accident was an injury on duty, you still have a claim against the Road Accident Fund.

As specialist personal injury lawyers, we ensure that our clients receive all the expertise, professional advice and assistance that may be required to successfully prove a case. We offer a unique service to existing and potential clients all over the country and in particular within the Northern Cape Province including Kimberley, Upington, Kuruman, Kathu, De Aar, Hartswater, Jan Kempdorp, Douglas, Barkly-West and Colesberg, to name a few.


Should you appoint Stefan Greyling Inc. we will handle all aspects of your third party claim on your behalf, ensuring that the administrative and financial burden is completely lifted from your shoulders. We will act in your best interest at all times to ensure your rights are protected, and that the RAF complies with all its obligations. This is why we firmly believe that by appointing Stefan Greyling Inc. you will be able to achieve the best possible outcome in your third party claim against the Road Accident Fund.

Expert Legal Advice & Efficient Personal Service

Claims against the Road Accident Fund

brief overview

The RAF is financed through a government fuel levy which is presently set at 218 cents per litre (2021). The Road Accident Fund (RAF) also provides compensation to individuals who were financially dependent on a deceased person, who passed away as a result of injuries he/she sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

A claim against the Road Accident Fund must be lodged at the RAF within two years if it was a hit-and-run accident, and within 3 years if the identity of the negligent party (responsible for the accident) is known. Summons must be issued and served at the Road Accident Fund within five years. The aforementioned deadlines are calculated from the day of the accident, excluding the first day and including the last day. In the event that a claim is not lodged within the aforementioned deadlines the claim prescribes which, in effect, means a claimant is then barred from instituting a third party claim. Under certain circumstances the prescription period may be extended, and we would recommend that you consult an expert personal injury attorney in this regard.

In light of the above, it is important to commence with the claim process as soon as possible, as there are various documents that must be obtained in order to lodge a valid claim at the Road Accident Fund.

Claimants are entitled to institute a third party claim directly at the RAF, however, claiming is a complicated, time-consuming, costly and technical process. Moreover, the claim process requires a claimant to produce a substantial amount of collateral information and documentation (e.g medical records, police records, expert medico-legal reports etc.) that many claimants are unable to obtain or afford. In our experience, instituting a claim against the RAF directly is often an all-consuming and overwhelming experience for laypersons who endeavour to represent themselves.

Should you make use of a lawyer he or she will investigate, process and litigate your case if necessary. The attorney will issue and serve summons against the RAF, who in turn appoint its own attorneys to defend the case, whereafter Court proceedings ensue.

A claimant is allowed to institute a claim under five heads of damages, subject to certain limitation as set out in the Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1996 (As amended). The five heads of damages are as follows:

1. Past medical expenses; 2. Future medical expenses; 3. Past loss of earnings/earning capacity; 4. Future loss of earning/earning capacity; 5. General damages (pain, suffering, loss of amenities etc.).

No Win No Fee basis for all personal injury claims


our team

We believe that for our firm to achieve our vision we require the best staff. Each member of our team has a very important and unique roll to fulfil. We don’t believe in hierarchy and unnecessary red-tape. We are committed to develop loyal employees who enjoy their work and buys into our firm’s vision and mission. It is extremely important for us to provide an environment in which our staff can grow professionally and personally. We consider all members of our team as family.

Stefan Greyling

Director, Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public


about us

Stefan Greyling Inc. forms part of an exceptionally devoted team of correspondent attorneys, advocates and specialist medico-legal experts. These are all renowned and experienced professionals in their respective fields of expertise.

As specialist personal injury attorneys, we daily witness the devastating consequences of motor vehicle accidents. We therefore consider it our mission to ensure that our clients receive maximum compensation, to rebuild their lives. It is a privilege to play a part in assisting our clients to move forward, and we pride ourselves in representing them during difficult times. In all our dealings we place our client’s best interests at the forefront, and are humbled that they entrust us with the privilege of representing them. We do not take our attorney – client responsibilities lightly, and it is of utmost importance for us to build a trust relationship with every client.

In today’s everchanging-fast-paced world law firms have to be adaptable and open for change, more so than ever before. We accordingly always look to the future and strive to be pioneers in our field of expertise. We are perpetually pushing ourselves to gain more knowledge, implement better systems, use the latest technology and employ the best people. We strongly believe that this vision will ensure that our firm remains in a position to provide our clients with superior and unique legal solutions.

Any personal injury matters, in which our firm is appointed to act as attorneys of record, are prosecuted on a no-win-no fee basis, and we carry all costs and disbursements in respect of the claim until finalisation thereof. Our guarantee is therefore that should we not recover any compensation on your behalf, there will be no legal cost implications for you. Moreover, our uniquely capped fee structure ensures that you receive the lion’s share of the monies recovered from the Road Accident Fund or any other third party.


finalised claims

  • Mr W
    Mr W received R7.9 Million – He was 22 years old at the time of the accident and sustained a head injury with multiple fractures. He received more than 95% of the capital amount after the deduction of his legal fees and expenses.
    Mr W
  • Ms Y
    Ms Y received approximately R825 000 after sustaining a pelvic fracture. She initially lodged the claim directly at the Road Accident Fund, and decided to terminate the RAF’s direct mandate after 4 years. Stefan Greyling Inc. finalised her claim within a year and half, from the date our firm was appointed.
    Ms Y
  • Mr D
    Mr D obtained R1.36 Million in damages. He was 25 years old at the time of the accident and sustained an ankle fracture. The claim was finalised within 2 years and the client will receive more than 90% of the capital amount after all legal costs are recovered.
    Mr D
  • Mrs S
    Mrs S was 47-year-old when she was involved in an accident. She initially lodged the claim directly at the Road Accident Fund and thereafter decided to appoint our firm. We finalised her claim within 2 and a half years. She received R3.8 Million for multiple fractures.
    Mrs S
  • Ms N
    Ms N was awarded R5.35 million in respect of an arm fracture, which derailed her plans for a career working on yachts overseas. To ensure that her claim was properly quantified, more than One Million Rand in expenses was incurred on her behalf.
    Ms N
  • Mr K
    Mr K is a mine worker who sustained a fracture to his femur and was awarded R1.67 million. The claim was finalised within 1 and a half years.
    Mr K
  • Mrs J
    Mrs J received R1.27 Million. She was at the Road Accident Fund for more than 8 years before she appointed Stefan Greyling Inc. and our firm managed to finalise her claim within 3 years.
    Mrs J


We invite you to contact our offices to schedule an obligation free consultation with a lawyer. Should you be unable to travel due to your injuries or financial constraints, we are willing to make alternative arrangements to consult with you at your convenience.

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